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LIFESTYLE | Welcome To My Crib!

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Today I’m taking you with me on a typical, not so extraordinary day in my life. In this video I’m showing you the life I live everyday based on a zoom-in on my specific morning routine. Although I must admit that, considered the fussy life I live, this ‘routine’ is slowly turning into a rare thing that I learned to appreciate more and more over the past couple of months. Having copious sit-down breakfast, taking a long hot shower and preparing myself without a glance at time… These are things I usually skip due to early school hours or another gazillion things to do. Looking at this video makes me actually realise how much I missed some of these me-time moments!

When it comes to my life I’m either an open book and -to some people- a total mystery. I never liked the idea of putting up appearances or hiding whatever I do to get approval of anyone. Of course yes, I DO chase that good selfie light and I prefer to post that picture that makes me look skinny rather than another one promoting my eternal food baby. This is human, normal, and absolutely not what I’m trying to tell you in this post. This video is meant to give you the ultimate, unedited and rawest form of a look into my daily life as well as a little crib-tour! The obligatory dose of glam was impossible to be omitted, but Stijn Dekoninck (the guy who made the video) and I managed to make it pop out sophisticatedly. Whether you like it or not, the Sacred Crib will always have that little ‘extra’ reputation. In the following dots I’m giving you a more detailed explanation about the different products I use, the furniture in my room, as well as how I (try to) live everyday. If you’d like to skip all the text I invite you to watch the video below, which turned out to be so genuine and totally me. I simply love it.

So welcome to my crib, that is located in the heart of Leuven where I go to uni. I know robe life is everything but responsibilities are waiting around the corner. You in for a little get ready with me?


Whenever I can I take the most out of my morning routine, and my shower habit usually takes up most of the little time I have. I treat my hair with all kinds of REDKEN products. I’ve been using their ranges for over a year and a half now and I’ve never had such strong and healthy hair. Some friends of mine even asked if I got extensions because it had grown so fast and looked so steadily beautiful. Thank you all for the compliments but my hair is 100% real and I never colored it. Oh, except for that YOLO time I had during high school and that it was all pink and everything. And that time I decided to be totally rebellious and have a reversed dip dye… Apart from those bad decisions, I can assure you that I currently do absolutely nothing with it except applying a nutritious mask (from Dessange) every other washing treatment, dry it (sometimes even naturally) and regularly alternate with kinds of shampoo. When it comes to my favorite shower foam, this one also became my signature perfume ànd home scent! Atelier Rebul‘s Istanbul range is too good to be true.


When it comes to make-up guys, I am a total dork and I’m not even ashamed to say (or type) it out loud. When I go out to some really fancy ass club, to a ball or a specific gathering that requires make-up I tend to use foundation and experiment with skin care products, eye shadow palettes and contouring -waw I actually think it’s easier to paint a Picasso- but I actually never understood the greater picture of the products themselves. Seriously does so many crap on your face doesn’t suffocate the precious pores that you have? Anyway, the rare make-up that I wear in my daily life are a little Benefit ‘Boing’ concealer to hide the bags under my eyes and pimples (unfortunately I bought the wrong €30 color thanks to my excessive expertise), an eyebrow pencil by Smashbox in color taupe and Maybelline mascara. Lots of times I even skip all of it and go to school as Shrek lol, jk. Just myself.


To keep my body hydrated and silky-smooth, I mainly use Nuxe‘s huile prodigieuse (known by so many) after taking my shower. I love to switch from time to time with the range of Cinq Mondes (I strongly recommend their sumptuous dry body oil called ‘Ritual of Atlas, Morocco’ !). On the face I regularly smear some Kiehl’s: I don’t let go of their Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream! Together with the Calendula Mask and Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil it’s part of my evening ritual as well. I must say I don’t use much day or night cream though, since my skin gets really oily when I apply too much of them. Also I prefer to let my skin breathe from time to time and go absolutely bare faced!


Everything I’m wearing in this video (the poppy earrings included) is from H&M‘s newest line, the purple velvet boots are from Steve Madden via Zalando. I like to have a wide choice in garments when I get ready so that’s why I always bring new items from my closets at home to my room in Leuven. Let me know if you’d be interested in a walk-in closet video where I show you my most precious pieces! When fully dressed I spray some Hermès ‘Eau des Merveilles Bleue’ or Atelier Rebul‘s Istanbul, it all depends on my mood of the day since I equally like them.


My own little space on earth has to be cosy, warm and welcoming. I always have at least one flower bouquet or orchid plant. I find flowers to give more life to my room and radiate this calming athmosphere I really need! Candles are also a big must for me, the more the better. I have them in all kinds of formats and labeled with quotes like ‘Coco Mademoiselle’, ‘Karl Who?’ and my most recent one says ‘Viva la Vida’. I got it from a close friend for my birthday and needless to say that her present shows she knows me too damn well! Here and there I let lingering some books (mostly cooking books since I’m trying to get my life together and become a good housewife, actually) and chocolates for guests. My bed sheets, millions of cushions and blankets are all from ZARA Home! The light garland above my bed is from IKEA, just like my dining table and PAX closet. I’ve also got two Chesterfield look-a-like seats (or better thrones) in pink and silver with matching stools from Maisons du Monde.


If I had to come up with a thing that totally completes my room as my own, it definitely is my pinboard from Coolgift! It shows me a map of the world so to prick a pin into every country I’ve already been to seemed obvious. But it’s so much more than that! I leave photos from my traveling this Summer, photos with my best friends, train tickets of journeys that I never want to forget, sweet notes from loved ones, polaroids.. up there. My pinboard corner is a sacred one, and if you manage to get yourself on one of my pinboard photos: be proud because you are one very good friend. The same counts for the printed customised photos above my bed: the principle behind it is really simple and I did it within 15 minutes with Squared! To get the same effect on your wall as I have, go to section ‘Wall Art’ and then ‘Squares’. Pick your favorite photos, add a potential framework and your new wall decoration will fall into your mailbox in no time. Mine specifically image my parents, grandfather, boyfriend and myself with a vodka bottle. All the things I love, you see!


Every morning my cup of selfmade Nespresso cappuccino is what I need to get into action. Usually I make myself a big yoghurt bowl with all kinds of seeds and fruits but I have to admit I skip breaky really often when in a hurry. For this video however, I took the time to make some delicious waffles with my waffle bowl machine from Coolgift! It’s the perfect gadget for when I have guests and I want to spoil them with a delicious dessert. I like to decorate them with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries: also perfect for in the morning since it doesn’t take much time!


My desk has a storage function at the moment. I keep all my school books, post-its, to do-lists, agenda and organizers here. Normal people study or work at their desk, but I prefer to do that on my big dining table or in the library. Maybe when exams come I’ll rebuild my desk to some next-level study shrine, but for now I think it’s really handy to have a place where I can put all things together separate from the places where I try to process the matter. In case you wonder where I have my organizers from: HEMA‘s the gold standard for work or school equipment!

Nerdy fact: I’m housing two skeleton sculptures in my room! One’s one the coffee table and is a revision of Auguste Rodin’s ‘Le Penseur’. The other one’s a rather loose puppet-version and is situated on my desk, counting all human bones.

Video made by Stijn Dekoninck from The King’s Shot.

↬ I highly recommend Stijn for all of your aftermovies, vlogs or video’s. Since he’s a student in Leuven too and I prefer to support local talent, I was happy to team up together for this little room tour. Turns out I don’t have any regrets since he finished everything properly.

↬ In collaboration with Coolgift and Squared. In case you’re looking for any nice Christmas presents already, I invite you to visit the Coolgift website where you will find an abundant choice of gadgets for her!

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